Dear readers,

We're thrilled to announce the publication of our newest issue, Gigantic Issue #3: Gigantic Indoors. We thought we'd give a preview of what's inside:

One-line prose preview

One-line art preview

Dialogues preview

And for those of you in the New York-area, or who will be in the New York-area, we'd also like to take this moment to invite you to our launch party, to take place on Friday, May 20, from 8pm-4:30am, at 285 Kent, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Readings, performances from NewVillager and Midnight Artist, a DJ dance party, DIY arcade, and more.

We hope you enjoy the preview and hope to see you soon--whether it's at the party, or on the page!


The Editors

UPDATE (5/23/11): Purchase Issue #3 or subscribe to Gigantic here.
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