I woke up today with a dog to burn.
– Yoo-Hyun Oak

That little dog chased us back inside!
– Rob Walsh

With the footsteps getting closer, I turn a large box on its side, cut it open with my pocketknife, pull the books out so there's room inside for a man, a small man, and along with my curtain rods I crawl inside.
– John Haskell

When I woke up someone said he was alive.
– Kim Chinquee

He moved his hands and the sunlight stayed with them.
– Jamie Iredell

Every so often the father's arm moved in little jerks.
– Brandon Hobson

Have you ever thought about why people get disgusted by that?
– Anelise Chen

Sick children, dressed to the nines, come to mind.
– David Berman and Joe Wenderoth

We take our children to museums—No, no, we'll never have that money, so let's not talk that way.
– Chloè Cooper Jones

Don't say anything.
– Mischa Kuczynski

I think there is one oak for every millionth child
– Jane Mead

There was in him a tendency, no, almost the inborn imperative, to ignore such things—transitions.
– Joshua Cohen

"You, my friend, are Ferdinand the Bull."
– Jesse Nathan

The silence of the kitchen was actually a series of small sounds.
– Ken Sparling

Mother runs out into the yard and wonders aloud just what in the hell is the big idea with all the eating of the dirt?
– Dan Bevacqua

they made her heavy, a sack of blinking potatoes.
– Patricia Killelea

"I don't know what color the cat is supposed to be," she finally replied.
– Andrea Kneeland

One wet night, Harold had an even better idea.
– Sara Faye Lieber

The boy said he ran to the house, hoping to see his disgraced teacher.
– John Dermot Woods

Most of the time we get along, but the lines in his hand never cease to shift.
– Ashley Farmer

He had never seen the sea and today was no exception.
– Peter Maxwell

I am going to be married—followed by dessert, fruit, and bonbons in dishes.
– Diane Williams

You can cop a feel of our four-foot replica of the Venus de Milo before you go.
– David McAleavey

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