GIGANTIC: How successful do you think you are in deluding yourself?

GORDON LISH: I'm no longer any good at it. I haven't been good at it for years. There was a time when I believed myself to be good at it. Certainly I no longer am. It helped to drink. That was great. Being drunk all the time was a great aid. Being drunk much the time. Being either drunk on myself or drunk with spirits. In some way transfixed by some specter I had iterated by reason of self-delusion.

-From “Mass Killers Have the Same Motto, Don’t They? An Interview with Gordon Lish” by Chloé Cooper Jones



LYNNE TILLMAN: Which reminds me of Richard Lewis, the comedian. Years ago, David and I went to see him, before he became a big star and before he had his big fall. But before he became a big star and went on Letterman and all that, he was doing clubs. David and I went to one of these comedy clubs, a horrible "throw them to the lions" club. No wonder stand up comics are nuts. Lewis seemed so freaked out, he stood at the back of the stage, was really against a wall. He was doing his routine literally with his back against the wall. Then he said [in a lower Richard Lewis-style voice], "On Halloween, my family dressed up as obstacles." That's still the best description of family dynamics I've heard.

-From “And Yet I Don’t Stop Doing That: An Interview with Lynne Tillman” by James Yeh

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