THOMAS JEFFERSON by Franklin Winslow

illustration by John Dermot Woods


Not a turtle shell or a tourniquet, Jefferson is one worth mentioning until a mouth runs out of. Mentioning him is complicated. He wasn't one to lose faith in vows but didn't always do what he said. His wish list: ending slavery should not cost so much in millions. His estimate: $900 millions. His words are what we now call decorative. Liberty, for example. These circumstances are worth telling if only because although afore.

His followers count his syllables same as the dead count grievances. American civil religion. Side note: missing one finger. The missing in question varies depending on the certificate referenced. More often than not Jefferson will be found naked, except for his memorial, which relies on imagining Jefferson clothed in marble. He was less bold in action. His insistence on naming Virginia, for example. No vagrant lips were lost. Jefferson gathered the sword. Fierce quiet gather your wits.


Franklin Winslow's writing has appeared in The New Criterion, The L Magazine, Art Asia Pacific, Coldfront, Gigantic, and elsewhere.
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