He just wanted to be president---was that so much to ask?
Deb Olin Unferth

"Hooray," some shouted. "He's stopped killing us."
Luke Goebel

I loved his belly, and wanted to take off my shoes so I could warm my toes on it.
Meg Pokrass

When he speaks, he looks like a rabbity spouse.
Claudette Bakhtiar

The AM radio weather reporter has lied again.
Brian Beatty

"IT'S FUCKING COLD OUT," goes the deer.
Sasha Fletcher

The egg woman has the name Kracinsky.
Luca Dipierro

They are listening to her forehead, shining lanterns into her mouth and ears, planning expeditions down into her dreams because she will not awake.
Stephen O'Connor

In a week, the top layer will have rotted from the bulk of a big, black whale; beached.
Harriet Calver

The gray grass growing up around his meat.
Blake Butler

I rub mine down with no-stick PAM, work that fur gleaming and greased so no jaws can clamp his body.
Ben Segal

Has someone hired you to do this, Mr. Eye?
Robert Coover

I was being paid by a neighbor to remove the leaves from Eudora Welty's gutter.
Ravi Mangla

The way she moved had been saying nothing to him for a long time.
Dylan Nice

What about Baltimore?
I. Fontana

I don't think that my foster father liked me. He called me sulky.
Michael Kimball

I will always love you, but you're a bad daddy.
Clancy Martin

...laughter like helium hissing across the open sphincter of a balloon.
Brian Allen Carr

He woke, bound in black and white, delivered into his readers' hands.
Margo Jefferson

His mouth made a sticky milk.
Leni Zumas

One has a mustache that reminds me of an animal.
Sibyl O'Malley

But only a little bit, really.
Joe Wenderoth

The park was small, like our town, but finding the stairway was always hard.
Ben Stroud

He only gave us the one game.
Reese Kwon

And, in the end, a story of stumbling to find a final hoarse harsh death.
Ken Sparling


In addition to the above fine fiction and nonfiction writers, issue two has dialogues with Sam Lipsyte, Lydia Millet and Adrian Tomine, poetry from Marc T. Wise, Stuart Downs and Dylan Godwin, and artwork from Thomas Allan, Jordan Bruner, André da Loba, Max Fenton and Thomas Doyle.

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